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Grilled Cheese with Jam Fillings

This taste test compares two versions of a grilled cheese and tomato jam sandwich – one with Velveeta and refined white bread, and one with gouda and robust seeded bread from the bakery. Processed vs Non-processed Cheese There is an ongoing controversy at our house regarding Velveeta. Is it really a cheese or something else? …

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Harissa Baked Wings vs Smoked Wings: a taste test!

Harissa is one of my favorite spice blends and this recipe uses both a harissa spice rub and a harissa paste on wings. Great for game days! Harissa Rub or Harissa Paste? Harissa is a North African blend of spices that typically includes smoked chile peppers, cumin, coriander, caraway, cinnamon and salt & pepper. Frequently …

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Healthy Low Carb Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is a hearty French seafood stew, similar to cioppino but further characterized by the addition of saffron and a fish stock/white wine base as the broth. Fennel and orange peels are also ingredients that are common to a French bouillabaisse and are included in the recipe below. What Exactly is Bouillabaisse? While the fish …

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