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Grow & Cook with Flavor!

Grow & Cook with Flavor!

Grow Flavor & Cook with Flavor

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Hi there, I’m Dorothy

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If you’re looking for healthy, non-bland recipes or edible gardening how-tos you’re in the right place!  

Farm to jar is all about ensuring your success.  I’d like to help you become “fearless”, whether that be in the kitchen or the garden.

Most recipes are designed to be easy, with a good portion of them low carb.  Many of the recipes are accompanied by short 1-minute videos.

Edible gardening guides are in the form of tutorials, and cover the range of growing fruits and vegetables in small spaces like a balcony to large garden plots that will feed a family. 


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Explore the recipes and cooking techniques that fit with your current interest. Most are easy and healthy. All are delicious!

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Explore the world of growing your own food, whether it be a few herbs on a balcony or a field of gigantic heirloom squash! (**Note: website is being updated, so information may be missing temporarily)

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