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About Farm to Jar and the Team

About Farm to Jar and the Team
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The Focus of the Site

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About the Team Members

This website ( has been around for a long time (since 2012), but I have made many pivots and change in focus along the way.

My husband and I own a small farm and over the years I have shared many articles about growing food on this farm, with a focus on blueberries and heirloom tomatoes.

Co-owners of Heathglen Farm (Dorothy and Tesla) with a glass of wine in front of cold frame.
Co-owners of HeathGlen Farm enjoying a glass of wine

We also have a commercial kitchen on the farm where I have develop seasonal, delicious recipes to share on the website.

There are many recipes around low carb cooking, as I did a 5-year stint as an online diet coach for keto and low carb and slow carb diets, and I share the recipes I modified for these diets.

Check out these low carb dinner ideas or if you have a sweet tooth, check out these low carb desserts.

There is also a large collection of Mexican recipes, and Italian recipes as those are my favorite cuisines.

There are many other smaller pivots (cocktails anyone?), but edible gardening, seasonal recipes, heirloom tomatoes, blueberries, Mexican recipes and Italian recipes make up the bulk of the site.

The Team

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Writer/Researcher: Marijke Puts
Web Developer/Designer: Susan Metoxen
Farm Help: it varies but in 2023 it is Eve Hansen
Co-Owner/CEO: Tesla Stainbrook

As the site has grown my time to devote to gardening and recipe development diminished. I now have a writer/researcher from Spain who is excellent in many ways. You will see a number of posts with her name (Marijke) as the author byline.

My developer takes care of the technical parts of the website and calms down my frustration when I don’t understand the world of SEO and code and all things technical.

I also have a farm manager who has been a lifesaver, allowing me to work on this website more while she tends the farm and helps it grow (so to speak).

Last, but not least, is my daughter and co-partner, Tesla. Over the years Tesla has worked closely with me in developing this site. She has done everything from selling at the farmers’ markets, to writing articles, to adding video.

It helps with the Mexican recipes also that Tesla is fluent in Spanish and can tap into areas that I have trouble with.

Here is a brief introduction to each of these key people, and ways to follow them independently as they also offer their services to others.

Mari Puts (with bird on her shoulder), writer at Farm to Jar.
Mari Puts, writer at Farm to Jar

Mari (Marijke) Puts, writer and researcher extraordinaire, is from the Netherlands but has been calling Spain her home for the past 4 years. She has taken over many of the gardening posts and is adding a Spanish influence to the newer recipes (see the paella and gazpacho posts). You’ll be seeing more and more articles from Mari on Farm to Jar, but you can also reach her individually on LinkedIn.

Head shot of Farm to Jar developer, Susan Metoxen.
Susan Metoxen, developer/designer

Susan Metoxen is a PHP/mySQL, and WordPress developer (and so much more). Susan has been the solid go-to person for any technical website problems, and she brought a lot of graphic design knowledge to Farm to Jar also. In addition to her work for Farm to Jar, Susan is an adjunct instructor at Saint Paul College in the Computer Science Department. Her focus is on website education, and you can see her curriculum and blog at Susan has 30 years of experience in healthcare administration and an M.B.A. from the University of St. Thomas.

Eve Hansen, standing in pepper patch with a hoe.
Eve Hansen, HeathGlen farm manager, 2023

Eve Hansen is a woman of many talents, from Chef to game butchering, and is currently enrolled in a college program to get her degree in Electrical Construction. We were fortunate to have her skills and work ethic on the farm as our farm manager in 2023, and we hope to get her back in the Summer break from school in 2024. As they say in Hamilton….she “gets the job done!”

Tesla Stainbrook, daughter and Farm to Jar partner, holding a cocktail.
Tesla Stainbrook, co-partner at Farm to Jar.

Tesla Stainbrook, my daughter and partner at Farm to Jar. Tesla has done just about every job there is in the business, from market sales to video production to writing posts, to picking up rocks in the field! Although she has a full time job as a social worker in the Colorado school system, she still manages to keep a finger in most aspects of our business. That’s why she’s a co-partner! She is sharing her social work experiences in her own blog, Working in Schools Emotionally

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For more personal stuff about me you can check out my story of how this site came to be.


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