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Hand Blended Teas From Our Farm

Hand Blended Teas From Our Farm


Sleep Well. Work Well. Be Well.

Our tea blends are hand-crafted with herbs from our small organic farm.

How are Farm to Jar teas different?

  • Herbs used in the tea blends are harvested from our small farm and dried in our commercial kitchen on the farm;
  • Wellness: the herbs we add to the teas are focused on specific health concerns, whether it be sleep, energy, anxiety, inflammation, gut health, etc. **
  • Flavor: We take special care to add fruit and/or spices in our blends that will enliven your senses, whether the blend is a black, green, white or herbal tea.
Me with a fresh garden harvest
Harvesting the veggie & herb garden


**Disclaimer: The information provided around the herbs on this site is intended to support your overall health and wellness and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.

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