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Dessert Platters for Valentines Day

Dessert Platters for Valentines Day
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Dessert platters (or dessert boards) can be a fun, easy way to treat family and friends. This dessert board for two includes ideas and options for the sweets, the drinks, and the decor.

You can always focus on homemade treats (some recipes included), but the idea with this how-to dessert board is “easy” so it is focused on ready-made treats.

Dessert platter or board for Valentine's Day
Dessert platter or board for Valentine’s Day

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Dessert Plates vs. Dessert Platters vs. Dessert Boards?

Dessert “plates” tend to be small affairs for 2 or 3 people, with dessert “platters” focused on small gatherings of 5-6 people, and dessert “boards” designed for larger parties or celebrations.

Then of course you have the dessert “grazing table” that is more typical of weddings and large events.

Basic Design of a Dessert Platter or Dessert Board

Whether a small plate or a large grazing table, the design elements are similar. Here are some tips for building a plate or board that is beautiful, tasty, and awesome for your guest(s):

  • Include a variety of textures. Examples might include smooth, creamy chocolates paired with crunchy shortbread cookies and fresh juicy fruit.
  • Include a variety of heights. I chose some long, thin rolled wafers, added a few dishes of different heights for the candy, and placed some of the items flat on the plate or board
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered. When looking at other dessert plates on the internet, I found many of them to be extremely busy which was not that appealing. Find a centerpiece item and arrange the food artfully around it.
  • Add some drinks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The drinks themselves can be part of the dessert if they are sweet. The other option is to have non-sweet, refreshing drinks to cleanse the palate between the sweet treats.

How to Decorate a Dessert Board (or Dessert Plate)

  • Search your home (or the thrift store – my personal favorite!) for interesting decor that fits with the theme. Because this theme was Valentine’s Day, I found some pink, red, and white items that worked well.
  • Vary the colors. With dessert boards, this can get tricky because chocolate and dark fruits are often involved and you need to liven up the brown colors. I chose some bright pink gummy hearts and some cream-colored shortbread cookies to offset the browns of the chocolates and the darkness of the raspberries.
  • Include something meaningful to your theme or guests. Because my Valentine’s guest was my husband, I added the glass piece that was the topper for our wedding cake way back when. If you are not designing for your guests, go for something that fits with the theme of the event.
Dessert plate for two
Dessert plate for two

Homemade Treats for the Dessert Platter

If you prefer homemade sweet treats vs store-bought, here are some of my favorite chocolate or sweet fruit recipes:

Cocktails or Mocktails for the Dessert Platter

Here are some of my favorite cocktails and mocktails – enjoy!

Tip: There you have it! If you want a recipe for making a simple dessert for two for Valentine’s Day, rather than a whole dessert plate, check out this easy Raspberry Trifle.

If you’d like to watch a video showing how these tips all come together, see the Youtube video below.

Dessert Plate for Valentines Day: including a Cranberry Habanero Martini
Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch the Step by Step Video for More Details

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