Vegetables are a staple for just about any kind of diet, but if you are not used to cooking with vegetables, getting great flavor from them can be challenging. Sauces and spices can turn vegetables into something you look forward to on a daily basis however. Try this chimichurri sauce with roasted cauliflower- it will stimulate more creativity with vegetables when you taste how good it is.

Chimichurri sauce with roasted cauliflower together on a dish
Chimichurri sauce with roasted cauliflower
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Other Low Carb Sauces to Serve with Roasted Vegetables

While roasted cauliflower (or any roasted vegetable actually) with a little oil and salt is fine on its own, it pairs perfectly with a range of sauces to add variety to your meals.  

Mustard sauces, tahini sauces, romesco sauces and chimichurri sauces all work to dress up roasted vegetables and make them into flavor bombs.

The recipe below involves a twist on a chimchurri sauce (I added almonds), but for a more traditional chimichurri sauce,  see this recipe.  Or try try enhancing your roasted vegetables with a Romesco sauce or a Harissa sauce.  They are all great sauces and they can go with just about any other protein or vegetable on a slow-carb diet.  Eggs too (of course).

Roasted Cauliflower as Popular Low Carb Vegetable

Cauliflower definitely rose in popularity with the rise of Paleo, low-carb and slow carb diets.  It’s a non-starchy vegetable with loads of fiber and very little carbohydrates, but its star status comes from its versatility.  

Cauliflower is one of those low carb vegetables that can be pureed into mock mashed potatoes,  baked into mock tortilla shells, shredded into cauliflower “rice” and roasted into all kinds of crusty deliciousness.

Who knew?  I certainly didn’t, but now cauliflower is one of our go-to low carb vegetables.  I am a particular fan of the mock mashed potatoes on busy week nights, but I love pairing roasted cauliflower with chimichurri sauce when my schedule is a bit more relaxed.  

Cauliflower is sometimes referred to as one of the world’s healthiest foods. That’s an anecdotal reference of course, but there is no doubt that cauliflower is a low carb vegetable with many nutritional benefits!

Serve with your favorite protein dish and you have a special slow carb Sunday Dinner.

Low Carb Roasted Cauliflower with Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce with roasted cauliflower together on a dish
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 1 hr 30 mins
Servings 4
Author dorothy stainbrook


  • 1 large cauliflower
  • olive oil or nut oil
  • 1 to 2 tsp salt
  • 3 garlic cloves peeled
  • 2 Tbsp unsalted butter room temperature
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil plus 1/4 cup extra for basting
  • 2 tsp red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped parsley
  • 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • optional additions would include: oregano smoked paprika, or cilantro


  • Heat up an oven-proof skillet in  in a 375 degree oven while you prepare the cauliflower (place a small pan of water in the bottom of the oven to create some steam).
  • Tear off the cauliflower leaves and cut the stem to be flush with the base of the cauliflower.  Now, carefully cut out the core of the cauliflower, attempting to not cut through any of the florets so that it stays in a round head.
  • Rinse and drizzle with olive oil.  Sprinkle heavily with salt and rub in.
  • Put the cauliflower in the hot pan in the oven, core side down and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until very tender.  Occasionally baste the cauliflower with the additional olive oil.

For the chimichurri sauce:

  • Toast the almonds in a small skillet over low heat for a few minutes until they just start to brown and get a fragrance (don’t burn).  Set aside to cool.
  • In a blender or food processor combine almonds, garlic and butter and blend until smooth.  Mix in the oil and vinegar.  Blend in the herbs and red pepper flakes.  Season with salt and pepper.
  • Spoon into small bowl and serve with warm cauliflower.  The sauce should keep in the refrigerator for several weeks at least.
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