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Low Carb Mexican

Mexican cuisine is very popular worldwide and most dishes readily lend themselves to modifications that fit low carb or slow carb lifestyles.

Chicken mole rojo

Chicken mole rojo

Although it is challenging to modify tamales or tortillas to low carb versions, most Mexican dishes can be readily modified without loss of flavor and authenticity.  Much of the focus of Mexican meals centers around meat, seafood, vegetables and wonderful spice blends.  Avoiding tortillas and rice doesn’t need to diminish the experience of Mexican food.

Mexican dishes are particularly conducive to the slow carb diet authored by Tim Ferriss, as beans are a mainstay on slow carb.

I lost my 30 pounds with a slow carb approach and have never looked back.  I find it an easy lifestyle that allows a lot of flexibility in food choices, a focus on health, and the benefits of weight loss.  Low carb Mexican was my go-to cuisine for much of this weight loss journey, and I am pleased to be able to share these modified versions of this wonderfully robust cuisine with you.

Explore this category for a range of spicy, robust healthy Mexican recipes.  From carnitas with avocados and black beans to moles to an orange flan and Mexican spiced cookies.

And don’t forget about the drinks!  There is a great recipe for Mexican Coffee, as well as the how-to for a Tequila flight with Sangritas!

Chile Colorado with Cactus (Nopales) – made easy

This recipe for pork and nopales (cactus) is a traditional Mexican lunch or dinner. No matter the time of day or the season, this super easy dinner is a winner in our books! Can You Really Eat Cactus? Yes, you really CAN eat cactus! And it’s actually quite tasty when cooked correctly. The most common …

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Healthy Mexican Fish Tacos with Avocado Cream & Pickled Onions

You can use an indoor grill to get blackened or grilled white fish that are perfect for making healthy fish tacos. Add some avocado cream and pickled onions and you’ll have the best homemade Mexican fish tacos. A bonus is they also happen to be quick and easy! Sides, Sauces & Slaws for Fish Tacos …

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Low Carb Pumpkin Ancho Soup – Smoky & creamy

Pumpkin Ancho Soup, whether made with small pie pumpkins, butternut squash or any of the heirloom squash varieties is a creamy, hearty, healthy soup — perfect for cool Fall or chilly Winter nights.  Detailed video in recipe below Which Pumpkin or Winter Squash makes the best soup? The main thing to consider when choosing the …

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30-Minute Pickled Onions for Mexican Dinners

Pickled onions are a tart and slightly sweet accouterment to a wide variety of dishes (a favorite with Mexican cuisine).  The cool, pungent crunch adds a crisp breath of freshness to carnitas or fish tacos in particular. They take 30 minutes to make and keep in the refrigerator for many weeks. Pickled Onions for Mexican …

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Low Carb Mexican Street Food – using chile lime salt (Tajin-inspired)

My daughter has ties to the Hispanic/Latinx community in Colorado and she frequently shares Mexican recipes or ideas with me. Using a chile lime salt sprinkled over fruits and vegetables as a snack was one of my favorite authentic Mexican snacks. It’s awesome on so many things, and it can truly enhance low carb vegetables …

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