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This category includes warm healthy drinks for staying cozy in the winter, as well as ways to make plain water taste better without a lot of sugar and calories. Here are the “things to know” about each of these related but different categories:

Re fat loss: water is considered the 4th macronutrient, and it is a critical component on the fat loss journey.  When on a keto or low carb diet, your body handles water and electrolytes differently, potentially causing dehydration and imbalances. As a result, your hydration requirements are more significant than normal.

Dehydration is a known side effect of keto diets, and it can stall fat loss.  More importantly, it can cause a host of negative and sometimes dangerous health issues.

While water is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to stay hydrated, many people have a tough time drinking enough of it.  This category offers a range of healthy drinks that can supplement water on low carb diets.

Re cozy warm drinks:  Hygge, the art of coziness and intimacy during the cold weather months, has become a popular global concept. Warm, cozy drinks can also be healthy drinks however.  Turmeric Tea and low sugar Mexican hot chocolates are just two examples.  Check out the rest of the drinks in this category!

Cup of golden milk latte with turmeric and chai spices

Cup of golden milk latte with turmeric and chai spices