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Cocktails, mocktails, Italian sodas and smoothies can easily become signature drinks for any celebration with the addition of a drink syrup or a creative recipe.

Re healthy drinks: water is considered the 4th macronutrient, and it is a critical component on a fat loss journey.  When on a keto or low carb diet, your body handles water and electrolytes differently, potentially causing dehydration and imbalances. As a result, your hydration requirements are more significant than normal.

Dehydration is a known side effect of low carb diets, and it can stall fat loss.  More importantly, it can cause a host of negative and sometimes dangerous health issues.

While water is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to stay hydrated, many people have a tough time drinking enough of it.  This category offers a range of healthy drinks that can supplement water on low carb diets.

Re cocktails:  Cocktails have their place in celebrations, even on a low carb diet. If you don’t include alcohol in your lifestyle, “mocktails” can be a creative way to celebrate with a special drink.

There are many creative ways to make signature cocktails and mocktails and this category offers a range of drinks from cozy Mexican coffee to bubbly Italian sodas.

It’s a wide world of drinks and adding a few creative ideas to your recipe box can help make celebrations a little more special, whether refreshing drinks in the Summer or cozy warm drinks in the Winter.

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