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Top Food Podcasts

Top Food Podcasts
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Podcasts can help you dream of big things

The podcast world has essentially made it possible to become self-taught on just about any issue.  It’s so easy to learn while driving or working out, and it certainly makes the down time in traffic more enjoyable.  My top food podcasts have stood the test of time for me, providing knowledge, a personality that I don’t tire of, and consistent weekly updates.  There are many different kinds of foodie podcasts, but the list below includes those that have stood the test of time for me, and I wouldn’t miss them.

Why Listen to Food Podcasts?

When I first started farming I became enthralled with (and addicted to) farm auctions.  I brought home so much junk during that period of my life that my husband came close to starting a big, and secretive, bonfire.  Fortunately the auction phase ended and most of the stuff has been sold (or burned).

As the farm and the business grew, I became more and more interested in marketing.  I mean what good is it to have a great product, if no one really knows about it.  Working on a pretty tight budget, I decided the time was right to try and understand technology and the associated marketing avenues.   But where to start?  I didn’t grow up with technology and could barely text message.  After getting an ipod nano for a gift (remember those?), my kids introduced me to itunes.  Holy Cow, what a gift that has been.  I discovered there were wonderful podcasts out there where truly knowledgeable, experienced people would teach you anything you desired…and for free!

I quickly became addicted and immersed myself in technology and business podcasts to try and learn about blogging and the technology and marketing world in general.  It was like going to college….for free!  I have learned so much about blogging, photography, marketing, and yes, food.  I was plugged in to my headphones constantly…during pilates, at Target, at home and in the car.  It was a little embarrassing actually, but when you’ve got an addictive personality, you get over embarrassing things pretty quickly.

So, after two years of this immersion into the podcast world, I have developed favorites in each subject.  Since this blog surrounds food, I thought I’d share my favorite food podcasts.  Maybe another day I can talk about the business podcasts.  Those were a godsend for the tech-neaderthal that I was.  I tell my kids I am now “tech-saavy”.  They don’t buy it, but they have to admit I have progressed. 

Anyway, here are my favorite food podcasts.  They cover the range of food-related topics, from recipes, to history, to chef interviews, to science, to health.  Enjoy! 

Top Food Podcasts:

Weekly Dish Podcast

Weekly Dish;  For me, this is the best information on what is happening in the local twin cities food scene.  The two Stephanies, one a food editor of the Minnesota Monthly magazine and one an avowed foodie and radio personality, are fun, knowledgeable and  full of inside information on local chefs, local restaurants, local farms, and markets. They also go beyond the chef interviews and interview the whole gambit of local food people, from butcher to baker to ….well I guess not candlestick makers yet.  Oh, and they give out great recipes.

The Splendid Table

Splendid Table:  Want to spend a Saturday afternoon with a warm, experienced Italian chef and cookbook author that will answer your questions in depth and share her vast array of food knowledge in a way that makes you want to be her best friend?  I’m sure I don’t need to
introduce Lynne Rossetto Kasper to you, but in case you miss any of her NPR radio shows…podcast it!  Lynne Rossetto Kasper is an icon in the food world and I feel so fortunate that she lives in Minnesota and I am able to talk with her at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market in the summers.

**Lynn is no longer hosting Splendid Table, but it is the same quality podcast with Francis Lamb as host.

Seattle Kitchen

Seattle Kitchen by KIRO Radio: This is a fun podcast with two premier chefs in the Seattle area co-hosting. Similar to Spendid Table with a mix of interviews, write in questions, foodie games and on-the-spot recipe ideas. There is a focus on Pacific NW foods and a lot of great information around seafood and the Seattle restaurant scene.

Good Food

KCRW Good Food:  This LA-based food-themed show is hosted by Evan Klieman.  Even there is a live local farmer’s market report each week and local restaurants are reviewed, there is a lot of information that is much broader than California and keeps me up on current food trends.  I always learn something from this show, and it is interesting to hear about the plethora of fruit and vegetables that are available fresh in Southern California and how they are prepared.

Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold
Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold

Cooking Issues:  This is not a casual show for the home cook by any means, but it is certainly entertaining.  Dave Arnold, a technology and science wizard, is the host of this show, recorded in semi-shed behind a pizza place in Brooklyn, New York.  Arnold, who is a brother in law to Wylie Dufresne, is an edgy, smart, don’t-bore-me-with-anything-stupid-or-I-will-use-my-scathing-wit-to-bring-you-to-your-knees kind of guy.  I don’t understand half of the things he talks about, but there is always something fascinating that I have to listen to several times over with pen and paper in hand.  Arnold is the Director of Culinary Technology of The French Culinary Institute at The International Culinary Center and an award-winning food writer.  This show is really designed for chefs and technique nerds, but I love it and wouldn’t miss it.

Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen
Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen

Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen:  Chef Jamie Gwen is a highly articulate business-woman who is also an acclaimed chef and frequently co-hosts with Martha Stewart.  Because this show is 2 hours, Chef Jamie can delve into food and wine in more depth than some of  the others.  It is not the laid back ambiance of the other California shows, nor is it the sarcastic, edgy New York type of show.  This show is very polished and entertainment-industry focused, but there is a heck of a lot of food information and good recipes here.  There are many recipes for high-end dishes on this show, many of them from highly acclaimed chefs.  There are also a lot of interesting interviews with chefs on this show, and there is always a good segment on wine.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio

Milk Street Radio with Christopher Kimball is probably my biggest go-to, never miss podcast for learning.  Between the hosts, the interviews and the call-in questions I never fail to learn something about the foodie/wine/cooking world that I didn’t know before

Well there you have it.  I’m sure there are different “tastes” on what kind of food shows you like to listen to.  This collection of podcasts that I listen to gives me a breadth of personality and information that I can’t believe I can access so easily.  It’s kind of an amazing world we’re living in right now.  Enjoy!

Leave me a comment on some of your favorites if you listen to this kind of show.  I couldn’t decide on the top 10, only the top 8 for me.  What should the 9th and 10th ones be?


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Monday 15th of June 2015

Ooh, you should try the Street Market Podcast, where we interview traders from street markets in London and around the world.

Brunch markets, fish markets, food truck markets...

Recently, we did an episode featuring a trader who makes some of the best deep fried chicken & waffles I've ever tasted, and he also gave us a secret tip on how to make the perfect fried egg. Hope you enjoy!

And we'd love your tips on your favourite markets, so let us know!


dorothy stainbrook

Monday 15th of June 2015

Thanks Jess, I will certainly tune in and give it a try!

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