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DIY College Care Packages for Valenties Day

DIY College Care Packages for Valenties Day
College Care Package - Daughter 2013

College Care Package – Daughter 2013

Turned off by the care packages available from the schools and the online sites, I try and put together DIY care packages for my two college kids that are more personal.  So far, they have been very successful…measuring success by my kids’ comments anyway.  The girl’s Valentines package arrived in my daughters’ mailbox on a particularly difficult day for her, and it was so valuable to me to hear her say how much the package cheered her up.  Haven’t heard back from the boy yet (he’s a little slower to respond).

Details of College Care Package for the Girl:

  • Food:  I’m experimenting with how different home-made treats ship, and I made strawberry brownies with a fluffy rosewater buttercream frosting, covered it with wax paper and placed it inside a tupperware container.  She said they were great, and didn’t much care that the frosting had lost some of its “fluffiness”;
  • Accessory relevant to her internship:  she is currently doing an internship every day at a hospital where they cannot have their cell phones.  This is where an old-fashioned watch might come in handy (in school colors, of course)
  • Fun stuff:  How about a pair of sexy red panties for a college-aged girl?  Most girls like pretty underwear, even if they’re not girly-girls (which she is not).
  • Mundane necessities:  Grandma’s spot remover might come in handy, along with some body cream and a “zit-zapper” stick;
  • Sentiment & money:  These go hand-in-hand sometimes, so I put the money in the Valentines card with my heartfelt sentiments.  I was never really a big one for cards before, but it’s surprising how much more your words come across when written on a pretty card, rather than a printout;
  • Standard favorites:  The kids seem to have a standard item that must be included in the care package if you don’t want to disappoint.  For my son, it’s often the card.  For my daughter, it’s all about the jam.  This package included the Raspberry Chambord Jam appropriate for V-Day.
  • Reading material:  Sometimes I’ll get current new magazines, but most often they want something really light to read that takes them away from the more serious.  This one had a special on Teen Moms, one of her shows, and since she doesn’t have a TV, I thought it would help keep her up-to-date.

Details of College Care Package for the Boy:

College Care Package for son

College Care Package for Son

Details of College Care Package for the Boy:

  • Fun:  Over Christmas break, the boy introduced us to Bannanagram, a fast version of competitive scrabble.  It was fun and he surprised himself with how often he won.  Thought it might be fun for him to play in the hotel rooms when they’re on the golf circuit over spring break;
  • Specialty products he doesn’t get very often:  he always saves up the haircut and the laundry for visits home, and loves the smell and feel of the shampoo they use at the salon.  It’s too expensive to get on a regular basis, so I save it for occasions like this;
  • Food:  see the brownie notes above in the girl’s package.  Comments are still out for the boy.
  • Themed treats:  Hot sauce, energy drink, and chocolates…all things he loves;
  • Money:  I got a little more decorative with his money, rolling the bills up and tying them up with fun decor.
  • Sentiments:  I usually opt for humorous cards for my son and then write the mushy stuff inside.  Valentines Day apparently is not a humorous day for family members, as the only truly funny cards were for lovers and husband/wife types.  So I went full-board with the sentiment.
HeathGlen's Strawberry & Rosewater Brownies

HeathGlen’s Strawberry & Rosewater Brownies


Whew, packages out the door and I’ve got all the way to Easter before another one!  The recipe for these strawberry brownies with rosewater frosting can be found here.

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