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English Steamed Pudding with Persimmon

The Brits do love their steamed puddings, from the Christmas “figgy pudding” to all kinds of sweet and savory renditions. After making this persimmon steamed pudding, I echo their pudding love. It was delicious, and doesn’t require specialized equipment. Most of the “time” is down time while it is steaming away. What is a Steamed …

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How to Make a Dessert Platter for Celebrations at Home

Dessert platters (or dessert boards) can be a fun, easy way to treat family and friends. This dessert board for two includes ideas and options for the sweets, the drinks and the decor. You can always focus on home-made treats (some recipes included), but the idea with this how-to is “easy” and is focused on …

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Pfeffernusse Cookies Recipe

These popular, spiced, gingerbread-like cookies taste great and are one of those unique treats that are hard to find in a typical grocery store. Pfeffernusse are a traditional holiday treat, and they are perfect for shipping in care packages. What are Pfeffernusse Cookies? Pfeffernusse are small spiced, gingerbread-like cookies that are extremely popular as a …

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