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Breakfast of Oatmeal with Hot Pepper Jelly & Poached Egg on Top

Breakfast of Oatmeal with Hot Pepper Jelly & Poached Egg on Top

Breakfast…we all know by now how great it is to eat a healthy breakfast for energy throughout the day.  But, try as I might, it just seems plain wrong to hop out of bed and start cooking when I don’t even have an appetite yet.  Intermittent fasting is more routine for me during the week. For the weekend however, a poached egg atop some oatmeal and enhanced with a bit of hot pepper jelly is a taste treat!

Oatmeal with Hot Pepper Jelly & Poached Egg
Oatmeal with Hot Pepper Jelly & Poached Egg

A Great Week-end Breakfast

I sell artisan fruit preserves for a living and I’m always looking for unique ways to use jams and jellies beyond toast. A while back I made a concoction of oatmeal with Raspberry Habanero Jelly and a poached egg on top, and it was wonderful!  It was sweet and savory with a lot of creamy full-bodied texture (aka mouthfeel).

I have tried this breakfast with steel cut oats, with regular Quaker Oats, and with instant oatmeal.  The hot pepper jelly is a delightful alternative to brown sugar or maple syrup, and really adds to the overall combination.  Here is how I put my new “breakfast of champions” together quickly and easily, with a how-to on poaching eggs also:

There are several good photo tutorials on poached eggs (see Smitten Kitchen for one), but here is the process that consistently works for me.  By the way, the nice thing about poaching eggs is that you can poach a lot of them if you are feeding a crowd, put them aside to drain, heat them slightly when ready to use, and not lose any of the flavor or texture.

Poached Egg - draining on paper towel
Poached Egg – draining on paper towel

Poaching the Egg(s)


  • white vinegar
  • fresh eggs
  • salt & pepper


  1. Add a splash of white distilled vinegar to a medium size pot of water and turn up to medium-high heat
  2. Keep an eye on the water because one of the most important steps of getting a perfect poached egg is to have the water at the right temperature when you add the egg.  It should NOT be boiling.  It should be at the stage where you can see bubbles starting to form on the bottom of the pot, but they are not breaking the surface.  If the water is boiling when you add the egg, the white part will fly all over the pot and not come together in a pretty, succinct little egg.
  3. Break your egg into a small bowl or cup
  4. When you see the small bubbles starting to form in the pot, turn it to medium to maintain that temperature.  Using a spoon, start to swirl the water in the pot in a clockwise direction to form a sort of a swirling eddy.  This “eddy” will help to keep the white part of the egg close to the yolk as it forces the white  to wrap around the center yolk until everything solidifies a bit.
  5. Gently pour the egg from the cup into the center of the swirling water.  Don’t hold the egg up high and pour it in; get it as close to the water as possible and ease it in.
  6. Sit back and watch.  It takes about 3 minutes.
  7. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon and leave it to drain on a paper towel until ready to use.

Putting it all together:  Breakfast with Hot Pepper Jelly and Poached Egg


  • Pre-cooked poached egg (see above)
  • Hot oatmeal (made according to package directions)
  • Hot pepper jelly of your choice; I used Raspberry Habanero Jelly


  1. Make sure the oatmeal is hot.  The jelly will dissolve better into hot oatmeal
  2. Swirl a couple of tablespoons of jelly into the oatmeal.  Add milk at this time if you want to thin out your oatmeal at all.
  3. Place egg on top, slit yolk open with a knife and enjoy some wonderful, nutritious comfort food on a cold morning.
Poached egg on oatmeal
poached egg with hot pepper jelly on oatmeal

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