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I was an online coach for the slow carb diet for 5 year and learned a lot of nuanced information as I helped people along with this diet. This is the diet developed by Tim Ferriss in the 4-Hour Body book.

There are many, many recipes on this site that are classic dishes modified to be compliant with the slow carb diet. They are mainstays in our home and I hope sharing them will make the slow carb journey easier for people.

Savory Rhubarb Sauce on Salmon Filets

This tart ginger rhubarb sauce combines with tender, flaky salmon filets for a quick and easy Spring dinner. The rhubarb compote is balanced between tangy and sweet with the ginger and balsamic vinegar giving it more nuanced flavor. The salmon itself can be roasted, baked or grilled and the rhubarb topping can be served on …

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3 Low Carb Desserts to Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Before losing my weight on a low carb lifestyle I loved to bake treats and send them in care packages to my college age kids.  As your body adjusts to low carb eating, many of the baked goods become too sugary sweet for your adapted tastebuds.  That’s not to say the sweet tooth disappears…just changes …

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