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Spicy Mexican Coffee (or Mexican Hot Chocolate)

Spicy Mexican Coffee (or Mexican Hot Chocolate)
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The wonderful combination of chocolate, coffee and chile spice, is known as a Mocha Chile Coffee (aka Spicy Mexican Coffee). It is turned into a low carb beverage by using a sugar substitute, and making sure the chile spice shines as the star ingredient.

Mexican Mocha Spiced Coffee
Mexican Mocha Spiced Coffee

Coffee drinks are my beverage of choice whether it be a classic Irish coffee at the restaurant, a fresh brewed medium roast coffee in the morning, or a Pumpkin Spice coffee during the fall.  I love them all, and am something of a fanatic.  

So, as I was harvesting the chile peppers from our farm one cool morning, the wonderful combination of chocolate, coffee and spice in the form of a Mocha Chile Coffee (aka Spiced Mexican Coffee) became a sudden craving.  I made it low carb of course by the type of sugar substitute I added, but the chile spice is the star ingredient to get right.

The Spice Mix for the Mexican Coffee)

We had a bumper crop of chile peppers this year and we spent all fall harvesting, drying and smoking them.  The smoked peppers are the most intriguing to me and this year they included Chipotles (smoked Jalapenos), Anchos (smoked Poblanos) and Pasilla (smoked Pasilla).

When I heard that Starbucks was offering a Chile Mocha Coffee, I rushed down to try one out, only to be sorely disappointed.  No heat!  I was anticipating a spicy, chocolaty rich coffee topped with a spicy whipped cream.  I asked the barista what was going on and they said really there was just a little spice on the top, but mostly it was a coffee mocha.  Harrumph!

So, as I was putting together the gift boxes for the holidays, I used the mocha coffee as a test for how hot and how smoky to make the “hot and smoky” spice mixes that we sell individually.  I thought if the chile spice blends could stand up to the strong flavors of chocolate and coffee and still provide a smoky depth, it would work with just about anything that needed that kind of complexity.

While the smoky spice mix was great in the Mocha Chile coffee, I personally needed more heat.  Because the heat level is such an individual preference, I decided to add a packet of Thai chile spice (a pepper called Gong Bao) to the Mocha Chile Coffee spice packet.  Now you can easily up the heat level by adding another teaspoon (or two) of the spicier Gong Bao chile pepper to the Mocha Chile coffee mix.  Customizing your Mexican coffee is key and I aim to please the Scandavian palate of a true Minnesotan or that of a chile-head!

DIY Spice Blend vs Ready-Made

Of course you can make your own mix of chocolate, sweetener, chile pepper, cinnamon and coffee, but if you want both the convenience of a ready-made packet and the freshest chile peppers you’ve ever laid lip to, then try our mix.  Just add your choice of sweetener (Truvia is a good one for low carb or keto lifestyles), some fresh coffee, and some heavy cream (whipped or not whipped, they’re both dynamite).

If you want to try our mix, add 1 tsp spice mix, 1-2 tsp sugar or Truvia to a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  Taste and adjust the heat level by adding more hot spice from the Thai chile pepper packet included separately.  Add some cream and you’re good to go.

Of course, this coffee can always be enhanced with a shot of brandy on cold winter nights!

DIY or HeathGlen’s mix…you can’t go wrong.  Just avoid the Starbucks version if you want anything more than a mocha coffee.

Here are the ingredients of our spice blend:

Ingredients: 100% natural unsweetened cocao, organic smoked Poblanos (Anchos), Thai chiles Gong Bao), Cinnamon

You can order a packet of our hot and smoky spice mix online or make your own. It’s all good, as they say.

Other uses for the chile spice beyond the coffee

If the Gong Bao chile spice addition to your coffee takes it over the heat limit for you, there are plenty of other dishes where a pinch of this tasty hot pepper spice is welcomed.  Think stews, chiles, skillet dinners, eggs, etc.  A little goes a long ways!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.