College Care Package for the Girl:  Late Fall /Halloween

College Care Package for the Girl: Late Fall /Halloween

College Care Package for the Girl:  The Categories

  1. Food – food is a standard category of course, but the type of food enjoyed is quite different between my daughter and my son, and will be unique to your student.  My daughter is a big fan of the hot pepper jellies we make, so I included a Raspberry Habanero jelly for fall, along with some microwave popcorn for their dorm room, and of course a little Halloween candy.
  2. Seasonal –  She may not want to use the hair dye and face makeup for Halloween, but I included it in her school colors in case she wants to wear it to basketball games.  I also included a Halloween charm bracelet for her to wear if she’s not dressing in costume, but wants to celebrate in small ways.  The Halloween gloves with the silver nails were too cute to pass up and I thought she could wear these around campus or at one of the parties she’s going to.
  3. Mother Love – I always send a “Congratulations” card with a note inside telling them how proud I am of them.  There is always something you can find to congratulate them on, whether it be working through a room-mate problem, a test score, showing leadership in a group….anything.  In this case it was a good interview which led to a prime internship for next semester.
  4. Room-mate Shares – It is always appreciated if you can send something that their room-mates will be able to share in.  I try to send more homemade food to my daughter usually, but due to time constraints, I added the microwave popcorn and the jam for her to share with her room-mate.  She will get more food in her winter package.
  5. Money – Goes without saying.  Always appreciated.  I don’t generally send  a lot of money because this is a time in their life where they need to learn the value of money and the price of everyday essentials.  It’s always welcome however.

Enjoy, be creative, know your student and try and be as individual to them as possible.  One thing for sure is, no matter what is in your package, the students love to get them (the more often the better as far as they are concerned!).

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