We traditionally have a “smorgasbord” of different appetizer trays for New Years Day during laid back football games (well, laid back for me anyway).   This year for Superbowl I worked on getting the right type of cheese and jam pairings with one of our specialty jams and chutneys.  There are quite a few that worked really well, but these were my favorites:

Cheese & Jam Pairing Chart

Cheese & Jam Pairing Chart

By the way, good beer goes well with these cheese and jam pairings also…thinking Superbowl.  New Castle Brown Ale is my current favorite.

Disclosure:  I don’t watch football and don’t have a clue who is playing, but I sure like to eat during the festivities.  Go Team!

Check out the jams listed on the chart, and more, at our online store!  Gift boxes are available also for the holidays. 



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