Fruit & Preserves

Fruit can play so many different roles in our lifestyles, whether that be snacking, specific diet approaches or celebrations and holidays.

This category explores the various uses of fruits & preserves, using them in:

– fruit shrub syrups for craft cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks;
– easy summer desserts like cobblers;
– fancy celebration desserts;
– whole food snacking
– low carb diet options

Many of the dishes found on my blog are focused on a low carb lifestyle, and therefore involve recipes that have been modified to be appropriate to a low carb, slow carb or keto diet. Not all fruit is compliant with these diets, but the recipes designated “low carb” offer options and substitutions to make delicious low carb fruit desserts.

You will also find a variety of recipes made with non-compliant fruit and/or jams and preserves. These higher carb options are typically some of the early blog recipes, but they still have a place, whether that be for a specific celebration or holiday, or to send a favorite item in a care package.

Fruit planks in glass jars sprinkled with chile lime seasoning as Mexican street food

Mexican Street Food -fruit cups with chile lime salt