Grow Your Own Food

Basket of mixed heirloom tomato varieties

Basket of a range of heirloom tomatoes

This category covers a wide range of topics focused around the benefits you will see when you learn to grow your own food. Benefits like self-sufficiency, health, cost savings, flavor, and fun!!

Explore this category for:

  • detailed how-to’s on planting, growing and harvesting;
  • distinguishing the flavors and colors of different vegetable varieties;
  • freezing, drying and cooking with your homegrown produce.

Growing Vegetables:

No garden?  Even urban dwellers can grow tasty tomatoes and many vegetables if they have access to a community garden or a large pot that will fit on a patio or balcony.

If you can’t grow your own produce, knowing the differences in taste, color and use of the huge range of specific vegetable varieties is helpful when making decisions at the farmers’ markets or grocery store.

Re: Tomatoes:

Gardeners, foodies and cooks all crave the tender, rich, juicy tomatoes that their grandparents grew.  Heirloom varieties offer that taste memory, and it is the holy grail to grow your own.

Hybrid tomatoes are perhaps “easier” to grow as they are bred to be smooth, round, red orbs with no cracks or green shoulders, etc. If your goal is high yields, or longer storage and no unsightly attributes, then a hybrid variety might be for you. While they typically don’t have the old-fashioned taste qualities, there are some that are quite good.

This category covers the bases of growing, cooking and selecting the best plant for the intended use.

** Note: To help with self-sufficiency during the 2020 period of quarantines (and beyond), check out our facebook group where we share all things cooking and gardening that will help you grow your own food. Search facebook for this group. It is called “Growing (and Cooking) Your Own Food”.