How to use spices

Adding spices and spice blends to a dish can take it from bland to awesome.  Learning how to use spices, and how to make spice blends can be transformative in your cooking.  It can add a hint of sweetness, a savory secret ingredient, or a kick of heat to any recipe.

To see video tutorials on how to make your own spice blends or how to use various blends of spices in recipes, click here.

Samples of spice blends displayed on spoons

Samples of spice blends displayed on spoons

Chefs know that the mere aroma of spices are often the first determining factor of whether you will love the dish or not. You can enhance your own dishes for friends or family (or yourself) by simply adding a few fresh spices.  There is no reason that home cooks can’t emulate the flavor secrets from the chefs!

We are used to cooking with salt.  Expand your cooking chops with some of the ideas in this category to bring out the natural flavors of food with a range of spices and spice blends!