How-to videos & tutorials

These how-to tutorials focus on growing and cooking your own food. Included are videos and detailed articles to help you become self-sufficient with all things food and drink.

You will learn how to grow fruits and vegetables on your deck, balcony or garden.

You will learn how to cook delicious whole food that is healthy and low sugar. Many of the cooking tutorials are low carb specific, but not all.  All are, however, easy and packed with flavor.

You will learn how to use a range of spices to enhance classic recipes, with a focus on Mexican cuisine.

And you can learn how to make unique craft cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks with shrub syrups.

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The cooking tutorials do not involve hard-to-find ingredients, specialized kitchen equipment or a high level of cooking experience.  They are often quick and easy with an emphasis on either low carb, slow carb, or keto recipes.

Collections of videos include the categories of “low carb Mexican”, “how to make and use spices” and “low carb recipes”, “cold weather cooking” and “food boards”.  Food boards includes how to build dessert plates, brunch boards, cheese boards, and many others.